About the Artist

As a fine artist, Marc Eckel always wanted to paint a serious portrait of Jesus. After several years looking for a model he discovered Noah Twombly, who had walked into his home to play drums with his son, Tyler.

On January 17, 2019 a photo session was set up with photographer, Al Disbro. The original plan was to photograph Jesus with a little lamb, depicting him as the good sheperd. Several children were invited to the session as a back up plan in case the lamb didn't make it. Over 900 photographs were taken during the shoot inspiring the first seven portraits. Much work on the series was accomplished during the coronaviras pandemic of 2020, with the paintings being completed in the spring of 2021. The painting titled, Holding the Reason, featuring Santa and Mrs. Claus holding the baby Jesus, was added in 2022. Other additions to the series are planned for future release, including one with a little lamb.

The Jesus Series was created in the studio of Blue Spaghetti Graphic Design & Illustration (bluespaghettillc.com) in downtown Warsaw, Indiana. Marc has been a performance artist with Splat Experience, a Christian Performance Art Ministry since 2002 (splatexperience.com).